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Create, publish, and manage

Unalike is a publication platform designed to give individuals and teams the ability to create, publish, and manage publications in an all-in-one browser-based tool. Giving you professional editorial creation and management, without the complexity.

The future is open

Either host your publication with us or use our GraphQL publication API to host elsewhere. It's your publication, your community, and your data. If you decide to leave us in the future, you can take your data with you.


Earn through publication subscriptions and payments. We only charge 2% on payments plus an industry-standard rate for processing. 1% going towards removing CO₂ from the atmosphere with Stripe, and the other 1% going back into building open publishing tools.

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Flexible and fair pricing

With flexible pricing based on what you want to publish, you can create as much or as little as you want. Every publication comes with unlimited content.



Create a small publication as solo creator.

  • 2 contributors
  • 2,000 members
  • Video and audio
  • Custom domain
  • API access


Create and publish together as team.

  • 10 contributors
  • 10,000 members
  • Video and audio
  • Custom domain
  • API access


For larger publications and communities.

  • 50 contributors
  • 35,000 members
  • Video and audio
  • Custom domain
  • API access

It's free to sign up, with unlimited access trial for 14-days. It's free to start using Unalike to write and create, and you only start paying after your trial if you want to publish publically or have members.

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