Give your stories a voice and publish your way

Whether you're starting a subscription newsletter, creating a community blog, or an online magazine, Unalike is an all-in-one publishing platform that makes it easy to publish your ideas and grow your community.

Open publishing

Unalike is an open ended publishing platform that gives you the creative freedom to create online publications with words, audio, and video.

You can publish articles and media stories. Build a members only community, with free and payment subscriptions. Send newsletters directly to your community. The possibilities are endless.

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Publishing for writers

With an elegant and intuitive editor designed by and for writers, Unalike gives you the power to create rich media publications without the complexity. Our aim is to giving everyone more creative freedom to create and express, whilst giving ownership back to writers and publishers.

Privacy-focused publishing

We don't cross-site track, spam, or sell your data, and we'll never show you advertising. No attention algorithms. And depending on how you want to publish, you can do so either anonymously, privately, or publicly.