Memberships & community

Add subscriptions and payments directly into your publication, enabling you to build your business and community. With single payments, monthly, yearly, and quarterly subscriptions, you can create flexible memberships for your audience.

We charge 8% on payments plus an industry standard rate for processing. We contribute 1% of this to remove CO₂ from the atmosphere with Stripe.


Email is a great way for people to follow the publications they love. That's why we've built newsletters directly into Unalike, delivering your ideas and knowledge conveniently to your audiences inbox.


Build your team and publish together, with co-creation publishing. With simple team publishing, you can invite other writers and creators to collaboratively write, edit and publish.

Audio & visual

Alongside your written content, you can create and upload visual and audio media, creating accessible and exciting ways for your audience to engage with your publication.

Other features

Minimalist and simple

Sometimes less is more, and that's been our approach from the start. With an editor that's simple and intuitive. Enabling everyone to create stories without distraction.


We believe there's a better way to publish online, with data ownership and free from tracking. From our analytics tools to the way we handle your data, we're privacy-focused by design.


Publish in the language that suits you and your audience. We currently support English, French, and Dutch, with more languages coming soon.

Modular writing

You decide how you want to publishing with the ability to add and remove fields, depending on what you want to publish.

Author profiles

Whether you're creating your portfolio or you're writing for several publications, you can create and customise your own personal profile and portfolio of stories.

Audio narration

The best stories are accessible for all, and audio is a great way to engage with everyone. If you don't fancy narrating your own words, you can generate audio narration with our human'ish sounding bots.

Media embed

Embed content from other platforms, with easy to use paste to embed.

Paid features

With our creator and video plans, you can create custom publications with advanced features. Our paid plan comes with a 7-day commitment free trial.

Audience analytics

Get privacy focused stats on your publication traffic and audience numbers, allowing you to see information on how your publication is performing.


You can embed video from your favourite video sites, but if you want to create exclusive video content for your audience, you can upload and stream videos directly on your publication.

Custom secure domain

Connect your own domain or subdomain directly to your publication, with a secure custom domain connection.

Publication API

Take your publication beyond Unalike, and build your own custom publications with our Graph API.

Are we missing features you'd like or need? Message us and we'll consider adding it to our roadmap!